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“We selected Aligntrac because they thoroughly impressed us with their knowledge of our industry and GS1 standards—they coached us and our suppliers to get up and running successfully and that makes all the difference.”

Dick Tracy, Dot Foods

“Switching to Aligntrac was my best decision. Publishing even the most complicated products is no longer a worry. Sync/PDI makes it easy and Aligntrac provided expert guidance.”

Steve Magyar, Bari Cosmetics

“The screens are easy to use—they guide you to provide those fields required by our partners for our product classifications. I like the pop-up help on data fields and reports I can generate.

A manufacturer


As retailers such as Wal-Mart push Data Sync adoption through their supply chain, distributors are hearing the final call for GDSN. Aligntrac's Sync/PDI for Distributors service makes it easy to answer this call !

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There are a number of changes coming in the GDSN Major Release 3, but it will not be deployed until Q2 2016 -- Aligntrac is tracking the release closely along with 1WorldSync (we have been involved in meetings with them on this) and our Sync/PDI solution will be compliant with the release.

We will be notifying our customers of any impacts as soon as the data sync community has clear definitions (i.e. detailed specifications) of all changes involved -- some things have even changed as recently as January, 2015

If a free webinar/overview is available it is probably worth your time to at least see what the major release entails -- you can find out more through the 1WorldSync landing page for the release here:

1WorldSync Major Release

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