Scorecards and metrics are an important part of today's supply chains. They help quantify operational aspects and identify opportunities for improvement. So it is no surprise that scorecards around Data Synchronization have started to appear.

To help Sync/PDI users meet some of the key metrics of the Lowe's scorecard, two new reporting capabilities have been added to Sync/PDI:

  1. a new "Subscriptions by Trading Partner" report and
  2. a new "Subscription Notification" email report.

The "Subscriptions by Trading Partner" report can help ensure that all items requested by the retailer are successfully synchronized with the retailer's systems, while the new Subscription Notification Report can help reduce the delay in making product data available to a retailer. These features are especially important when dealing with retailers such as Lowe's who make use of GTIN-level subscriptions.

The "Subscriptions by Trading Partner Report" is available on the Reports / User Reports screen by choosing the "Additional Extracts" option. Users can generate the report during periods of heavy listing activity to ensure that all GTIN's requested by the retailer have been published and successfully synchronized.

The "Subscription Notification Report" is designed to alert users that prompt action is required to satisfy a retailer data request. The Subscription Notification Report is automatically emailed when a retailer subscribes to an item that hasn't yet been published or when a retailer issues a GLN or GPC-level subscription. These unfulfilled subscriptions are also called 'open subscriptions' by retailers. As retailers have already started to tighten their operational targets for Data Synchronization from weeks to a matter of two days these notifications are important in helping vendors keep and retain good grades on their scorecards.

Sync/PDI users can find more information on the Subscriptions by Trading Partner extract on the Sync/PDI Support page.