As retailers such as Wal-Mart push Data Sync adoption through their supply chain, distributors are hearing the final call for GDSN. Aligntrac's Sync/PDI for Distributors service makes it easy to answer this call !

Distributors have the challenge of having to provide retailers with all the same GDSN data as manufacturers but they also have to obtain this data from the manufacturers. In GDSN terminology, the distributor needs to act both as a 'demand-side' participant and a 'supply-side' participant. Prior to this solution, distributors were faced with either a major internal computer development project or attempting to comply by manually downloading, copying/pasting and uploading spreadsheets - a very time-consuming and error-prone process. Given these choices, in the past most Distributors have chosen to avoid GDSN. With Sync/PDI for Distributors, companies can easily receive data from vendors, next supplement and adjust ordering information and then re-publish the product information to their retailers or customers. Once data has been synchronized, it continues to be synchronized. As the manufacturers issue updates they are automatically received by the distributor and forwarded on to the distributor's retailers.

Sync/PDI for Distributors allows the Distributor to manage a single catalogue which is comprised of sub-catalogues from each of their suppliers as well as catalogue that the Distributor can load. A variety of features allow the Distributor to control the flow of data and easily integrate the product data into their business processes and systems.

Having made it easy for Distributors to comply with their retailers' demands for GDSN, Sync/PDI for Distributors makes it easy for Distributors to gain further benefits. Distributors typically deal with many products from many suppliers and have an even greater need for accurate product information and pressures to improve internal efficiencies and external customer service. By being "plugged in" to the Global Data Sync Network, Distributors can extend their usage of GDSN and automate the maintenance of a greater portion of their catalogue.

Bringing Distributors into GDSN benefits everyone in the Supply Chain:

  • Retailers such as Wal-Mart, complete their roll-out gaining a single process for new item introductions and changes to product information,

  • Vendors can leverage their existing investment in GDSN and eliminate manual efforts to keep Distributors informed of product changes and deal with bad orders due to inaccurate product information,

  • Distributors can improve their efficiencies by eliminating their manual processes to move product information down the supply chain and reduce bad orders due to errors or obsolete product information.