Strategic Partners

Aligntrac has developed strategic relationships with leading EDI and Supply Chain organizations to provide enhanced value for our customers. We are pleased to partner with the following organizations.
 Cleo Communications provides reliable, secure Internet communications and automated data transfer software and services. Cleo's solutions include secure file transfer products, managed file transfer products, BPM, integration and translation software, as well as Network Faxing, Alerting and Notification systems.
 DirectEDI logo

Direct EDI is an e-commerce solution provider, which specializes in providing web-based EDI solutions to companies worldwide.

Direct EDI specializes in the integration of small and medium sized business into existing supply chain networks.

Easylink logo

EasyLink Services International Corporation (EasyLink) provides a variety of messaging services to thousands of companies from large enterprises to sole proprietorships around the world whether they do business in Denver, Dubai or Delhi.

GXS logo

GXS Catalogue is the retail industry’s leading product data synchronization application, allowing marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to share their latest product information, such as price, style, color, size and more than 550 additional product attributes with retailers. GXS Catalogue enables better management of new item introductions and item maintenance processes.

GXS is a leading integration services provider and operates the world’s largest integration cloud, GXS Trading Grid®. Our software and services help more than 40,000 companies, including 75 percent of the Fortune 500 and 24 of the top 25 supply chains, extend their partner networks, automate receiving processes, manage electronic payments, and improve supply chain visibility.

SPS logoSPS Commerce is the leading hosted EDI provider for B2B integration, providing fully outsourced EDI services to thousands of companies.
DATAgility logo 

DATAgility guides companies through the process, from Data Planning to Data Preparation and finally, to Data Synchronization.

With DATAgility's assistance, companies start enjoying the financial benefits of clean, accurate exchange of product information and participation in competitive, E-Business Initiatives.