You can learn more about Sync/PDI in three ways:

  1. our role-based video demonstrations below,
  2. a live demonstration and presentation (please call us) or
  3. a free-trial of our web-based basic service (please call us).
Gain a quick understanding of Data Synchronization and Sync/PDI at your own pace with these quick role-based videos.
A high level overview of the New Item Introduction Process with Global Data Synchronization and Sync/PDI from the perspective of a Sales Rep. 13 minutes.
For those in charge maintaining Master Data / Master Files this video explains GDSN and Sync/PDI. 19 minutes.
GDSN requires Sales Admin / Sales Support staff coordinate activities with their Sales and New Product teams. 10 minutes.
A brief overview explaining GDSN and Sync/PDI to a technical audience. 10 minutes.
Implementing GDSN requires a team approach as explained in this video. 15 minutes.
For users of the GXS Catalogue adding GDSN is explained in this video. 3 minutes.

* Free registration is required.