Driving unneeded costs out of the supply chain, enhancing product information for customers and improving food safety and traceability are among the top priorities the foodservice industry is seeking to address. To effectively deal with these priorities, especially in such a diverse and expansive industry, the industry understands that all players – manufacturers, distributors and operators – must work together, using a common, standards-based approach they can adopt. To read the full report click here.



Dot Foods recently undertook a pilot of GDSN using the 1SYNC Data Pool with Aligntrac Solutions as their Solution Partner.

The pilot was part of an IFDA/IFMA initiative to implement the GS1 standards for product identification (GTIN) and synchronization of product information (GDSN) throughout the supply chain. In the pilot Dot Foods evaluated how GDSN using the 1SYNC Data Pool and Aligntrac Solutions would improve the quality of product data and benefit Dot Foods.

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