Aligntrac has designed our implementation process to ensure that we best address our customer's needs.

Our standard Vendor implementation process has been designed to ensure that our customers quickly and easily comply with their trading partners' requirements for GDSN. Specifically, the Sync/PDI implementation is geared to the individual customer's requirements.

Some key differences of our approach:

  • One-on-one live training.
    • We focus on explaining GDSN for your products and your trading partners
    • We use your products as examples in the training. Many customers have their first products loaded during the training session.
  • End-to-End focus with initial trading partner
    • As we take a one-on-one approach in our training we can cover your specifics with your trading partner. For some customers this may mean that we review and guide based on reviewing your retailer report such as your Wal-Mart Retail Link Report or your Lowe's PCM configuration.
  • Review of your data
    • As because of our one-on-one approach we can review and comment on your specific product data and provide guidance.
  • GDSN and GS1 Explained
    • As our training and review is focused on your situation and your product data we can explain the GDSN and GS1 rules as they apply to your specific situation. Drawing upon our knowledge build on years of working with these standards and rules we can focus in on the rules that you need to know for your type of products and highlight which rules might require additional attention. This rules typically include:
      • Locating the correct Global Product Classification for your products
      • Understanding the dimension measurement rules for items, cases, pallets
      • Allocating barcodes (GTIN's) correctly
      • Loading the right data for your initial and future trading partners.
We have designed our process to speed your implementation - saving you time and ensuring that your implementation is done correctly the first time. We think it provides value to our customers.