Sync/PDI for Distributors

Sync/PDI for Distributors enables companies to quickly implement Data Synchronization according to their needs. Two editions are available, both designed to speed your implementation and accelerate your return from Data Sync.

Standard Edition

For Distributors that need an economical solution to comply with Partner mandates for Data Sync the Standard Edition is the answer. The system makes it easy to subscribe to manufacturer product data and then quickly re-publish it to Partners. Quick compliance and the benefit of eliminating re-keying of product information!

Advanced Edition
For Distributors looking to integrate Data Synchronization into their business operations the Advanced Edition provides the features needed for success. This edition includes:

  • Customized validations and screens to include Distributor-specific requirements
  • Fully automated status messages to vendors - both GDSN CIC's and daily summary emails
  • Vendor Web Portal for submission of any additional attributes
  • Configurable workflow for new item submissions and approvals
  • Extensive application integration options: Listing Form, Comma-Separated Values, Flat File, EDI 832, EDI 888, XML and Web Services API
  • Web self-serve features for vendors to speed vendor roll-out while minimizing Distributor administrative effort
  • Extensive features to audit data quality and score card vendors