Sync/PDI for Vendors

Sync/PDI for Vendors enables companies to quickly and easily comply with retailer mandates for Data Synchronization. In addition Sync/PDI streamlines the management and distribution of product information. Sync/PDI for Vendors has a wide range of features to suit companies of all sizes and requirements.

Easy-To-Use Web Screens

Users with smaller catalogues can take advantage of Sync/PDI's easy-to-use web screens to enter and maintain product information. Sync/PDI's screens and validations dynamically adjust based on product classification and trading partners you are targeting. This significantly reduces the time and effort on your part.

Advanced Application Integration Options
For users with lager catalogues, Sync/PDI has a full range of interfaces for application integration including:

  • Formats: Spreadsheet, Comma-Separated Values, Flat File, EDI 832, EDI 888 and XML
  • Communication: Manual upload and automated transfer via HTTPS, SFTP, AS2, and EasyLink
  • API: Web Services Interface for two-way integration

Extensive Business Reporting and Audit Trails
Sync/PDI makes it easy for business users to quickly generate item reports including retailer-specific forms (e.g. Lowe’s Item Setup Sheet / Proof of Publication). The History screens presents the current and previous versions of item information allowing users to track in detail when individual field updates were made.

Implementation Guidance by Experts
Implementation of Data Sync can be overwhelming if not for the guidance provided by our Implementation Experts. To learn about the Implementation Services included with Sync/PDI click here.